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Urban Wildlife Management Conference

Learn all about the Urban Wildlife Management Conference here. What’s the event? A conference that includes experts from across the state and nation who will discuss ways to successfully manage wildlife issues. Topics include coyotes, bobcats, birds, bats, small mammals, snakes, and diseases associated with wildlife. This promises to be a fact-filled day.  Who should attend? Anyone working with or interested in managing wildlife populations.  When Date : July 29, 2015 Time: 8:00 am– 5:00 pm Lunch included Where Texas A&M AgriLife Research and Extension Center Building C… Read More →

John Slaughter to Speak About Texas Spiders and Tarantulas at June Chapter Meeting

John has collected tarantulas and scorpions for over 45 years. He keeps 43 different species of tarantula and 25 species of scorpion in his private collection. John is a Certified Entomologist and a member of the Entomological Society of America, as well as a member of The British Tarantula Society and American Tarantula Society. He has supported captive breeding programs in tarantulas for the past 30 years, and works with relocation programs and repopulation programs in both Texas and Oklahoma. The program will focus on identification guides and… Read More →

Ryan Blankenship To Speak At May Chapter Meeting: Threats and Pressures to Herpetofauna in Texas

As human populations expand, particularly into the southwestern United States, associated increased resource demands and land use changes will undoubtedly further alter the natural functional processes that shape ecosystems (eg., natural land cover, healthy riparian zones and flow regimes, connectivity and food webs). These changes are exacerbated by the effects of climate change and instability, invasive and introduced species and disease. The majority of our native reptiles and amphibian populations have already experienced significant pressures and human induced change. Portions of all major Texas ecosystems have been altered… Read More →

Rebecca Schumacher to Speak About Beneficial Bats At April Chapter Meeting

  Rebecca Schumacher will present a program on the fascinating as well as beneficial animal – the bat, including some basic bat biology and bat ecology, and the bat species common to the DFW area. Rebecca will give us a peek into the world of the bat, its habits, how they benefit the environment and agriculture, as well as some practical information about our local bats, how we can learn to share space with them and what to do in case of a “bat encounter”. Rebecca, a Certified… Read More →