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Becky Rader To Speak About the Prairie Restoration at White Rock Lake

Becky Rader will talk to the North Texas Master Naturalist at the January chapter meeting about the history of the prairie restoration at White Rock Lake. Jim Folger has proposed a new NTMN project that was approved to continue work done years ago by the chapter on the White Rock prairie. In addition to the new project, the prairie will also be the site of Native Plants and Prairies Day to be held at the Bath House Cultural Center at White Rock Lake April 30, 2016 from 10 -3. Becky’s… Read More →

Dr. Patty McGill to Speak at October Chapter Meeting

What Makes a Bird a Bird? Fascinating Insights into the Life of Birds Dr. Patty McGill is the Vice President of Conservation & Education at the Dallas Zoo.  Prior to this she was the Director of the North Texas Audubon Centers; before moving to Texas, Patty served as the Senior Vice President for the Animal Collection and the Curator of Birds for Chicago Zoological Society/ Brookfield Zoo.  Dr. McGill has been working on the conservation of Humboldt penguins in Peru for the past 20 years; she earned her… Read More →

Ricky Linex to Speak on Riparian Management at August Chapter Meeting

Ricky Linex  will speak on “Riparian Management – Why Creeks Act the Way They Do” at the North Texas Master Naturalist August chapter meeting. His book can be purchased before the meeting: Range Plants of North Central Texas; A Land User’s Guide to Their Identification, Value and Management.  The book first became available last September and features 324 plants: 160 forbs, 59 grasses and 105 woody plants of the area.  The cost is a flat $20.00 per book. To buy the book and have autographed, come to the NTMN… Read More →

Rebecca Schumacher to Speak About Beneficial Bats At April Chapter Meeting

  Rebecca Schumacher will present a program on the fascinating as well as beneficial animal – the bat, including some basic bat biology and bat ecology, and the bat species common to the DFW area. Rebecca will give us a peek into the world of the bat, its habits, how they benefit the environment and agriculture, as well as some practical information about our local bats, how we can learn to share space with them and what to do in case of a “bat encounter”. Rebecca, a Certified… Read More →