2020 White Rock Prairie Project Team Wins Award at Annual Meeting

by Brenda Catlett

Congratulations to 2020 Class Project Team: White Rock Lake — Blackland Prairie — Unit 2 Restoration for winning first place for their project presentation at the State Annual Conference!

Faced with tough obstacles during this pandemic, the team was able to coordinate a biological survey, plan and execute socially distanced workdays and develop a three-year plan for restoring the 13-acre site.

Taking advantage of diverse skills, energy and enthusiasm, the team put together a winning presentation for the competition at the Annual Conference.

Each of the team’s 18 members contributed to the project and coordinated everything from communications to photography. There are too many individual contributions to name, but the team especially wants thank Chrissy Cortez-Mathis, Sean Cortez-Mathis, Haley Spencer, Lois Diggs, and Robert Kaaa for presenting the project to the judges at the Annual Meeting.

The White Rock Lake — Unit 2 — Blackland Prairie Restoration project team are continuing their work on the site and want to extend an invitation to fellow NTMN members interested in volunteering on the site.

They have two upcoming socially distanced Privet Pull workdays December 14th and 15th. Please look for volunteer sign up information in the coming days on the NTMN website, and please consider helping further restore local Blackland prairie!

The team removed many bags of Daucus carota (wild carrot) from the site.


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