Spring Creek Forest Preserve Interpretive Walking Trail Guide

Spring Creek Park Preserve Interpretive Walking Trail at 1787 Holford Road, Garland, Texas

The thirteen markers along the looping trail identify some of the primary ecological features at Spring Creek Park Preserve. By following the markers, you will arrive back at the start of the trail with a better understanding of the ecology of this outstanding example of prairie and forest.

Click here to download the Guide:  spring-creek-interpretive-trail-flyer-2016-10

The markers are keyed to areas of ecological importance such as the blackland prairie, the forest edge, Spring Creek itself, the importance of leaving downed trees in place, and the strata of fossil layers that make up the limestone walls of the creek.

The information was created by students from the 2016 class of the North Texas Master Naturalists with support from the Preservation Society for Spring Creek Forest and the City of Garland Parks and Recreation Department.

Enjoy your walk!


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