May awardees – North Texas Master Naturalists Photo Challenge

Phenomenal photos! These NTMN members made the most of the quarantine in May — congratulations!

The Naturalist-in-Training

  • Jamie Maraman – Reflections and Tadpoles
    • Name : Jamie Maraman
    • Title : Reflections and Tadpoles
    • Description : We love watching all of the small aquatic life scurrying across the water and swimming in the small marsh area near our home! Serena, 3 years old, is fascinated by the tadpoles and likes to move her hands into the water super slow, to not disturb them
    • Location : Garland, TX

The Outdoor Adventurer

  • Carol Garrison – Blanket Flower Fence
    • Name : Carol Garrison
    • Title : Blanket Flower Fence
    • Description : First trip to Cedar Ridge Preserve. It was packed despite the pandemic! We took a vigorous 3 mile hike, and I saw this amazing field of blanket flower along the fence that looked like it was from the 1800s. For a few moments, I felt completely out of sync with the modern world
    • Location : Cedar Ridge Preserve

The Birder

  • Adam Cochran – Harris sparrow
    • Name : Adam Cochran
    • Title : Harris’s Sparrow at dusk
    • Description : images were taken on January 4, 2020 during the 2019 Audubon Christmas Bird Count
    • Location : South Dallas (in the Wilmer area).

The Botanist

  • Linda Donnelly – Roadside Guara
    • Name : Linda Donnelly
    • Title : Roadside Guara
    • Description : Roadside Guara photographed during the NTMN Socially Distant Bioblitz.
    • Location : Cedar Ridge Preserve

  • Carol Garrison – Wetland Dandelion Wishes
    • Name :  Carol Garrison
    • Title : Wetland Dandelion Wishes
    • Description : Dandelion with all of the florets still attached
    • Location : John Bunker Sands Wetland Center

  • BrendaMaston – Wildflower Timelapse
    • Name :  Brenda Maston
    • Title : Wildflower Timelapse
    • Description : Time sequence from April-MayNotice the different wildflowers seasons.As some fade out others take their place.Very interesting how nature continues to give us a bounty of color for each week of spring! Hope that these pics are named with the criteria. Wildflowers are an awesome spring canvas of color, each species following the next according to their timing. I hope these pictures illustrate my timeline of changing species
    • Location : Springcreek Preserve, Garland

The Entomologist

  • Adam Cochran – Cabronid Wasp
    • Name : Adam Cochran
    • Title : Resting
    • Description : Cabronid wasp resting on a Dalea flower
    • Location :
    • Kiest Park conservation area

  • Karen Albracht – Milkweed
    • Name : Karen Albracht
    • Title : A Lot Going On
    • Description : I happened upon this scene while on Monarch caterpillar patrol. Frass, predator, prey, and an onlooker on an Asclepias syriaca (Common Milkweed) leaf. Caterpillar poop is called frass. The things we learn!
    • Location : Tenison Park Pollinator Garden, Dallas, TX

The Forester

  • Jamie Maraman – World Beneath the mushroom cap
    • Name : Jamie Maraman
    • Title : A world beneath the mushroom cap
    • Description : Mushrooms are amazing, and here we have a spider waiting for the flies that will contribute to decomposition, and a snail eating it. Amazing photo!
    • Location : Spring Creek Nature Preserve

The Wetlander

  • Linda Donnelly – Diamond Back Beauty
    • Name : Linda Donnelly
    • Title : Diamondback Beauty
    • Description : Diamondback Water Snake photographed during the NTMN Socially Distant Bioblitz
    • Location : Sunset Bay at White Rock Lake

The Wildlife Biologist

  • Linda Donnelly – Hidden In Plain Sight
    • Name : Linda Donnelly
    • Title : Hidden in Plain Sight
    • Description : Green Anole photographed during the NTMN Socially Distant Bioblitz
    • Location : Home, Dallas

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