September Monthly Meeting: Talking Dirt with Lorelei Stierlen

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Talking Dirt with Lor Stierlen

This class will introduce students to the history and fundamental principles of soil science (pedology). We then dive into the detail of the soils of the Blackland Prairie in detail. There is an outdoor lab which takes approximately 30 minutes. Students will be expected to make field observations, test pH and perform texturing of the soil to determine what the soil type is.

This presentation includes a hands-on soil lab including pre-meeting homework and a soil survey. Please download the document ahead of our chapter meeting.

Gardener with soil

Lor Stierlen

About Lorelei

Retired Senior Principal Electrical Engineer, now a full-time environmental scientist (MS Johns Hopkins University, minor in pedology (soil science)). At the Blackland Prairie Raptor Center, I serve as the chair of the Blackland Prairie Ecosystem Conservation and Restoration Committee. I have been a BPTMN member since 2014. I am an officer on the boards of the Raptor Center and the Native Plant Society of Texas, Collin County Chapter. I have been teaching soil science to PSHS students and the BPTMN classes for the past four years

The September 2021 Chapter meeting:

Date: Wednesday, September 1, 2021

6:30 Camera Roll
7:00 Introduction and Announcements
7:20 Featured Presentation
8:45 Adjournment

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