Master Naturalists Present…Mindfulness in Nature

November 19, 2022 @ 11:00 am – 12:00 pm

Master Naturalists Present…Mindfulness in Nature Saturday, November 19, 2022  |  11am – 12noon

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Join presenter Michael Smith as he looks at some of the ways we can be in nature, such as studying it, searching for beauty, practicing mindfulness in it, and journaling. He will review some of the research describing the benefits of spending time in nature and describe the practice of mindfulness in nature. He will discuss welcoming others, especially children, into prairies, woods, and creeks. Lots of examples, stories, and photos will help us accomplish this.

Michael Smith is a Psychological Associate and author of two books, including Herping Texas. His main focus is working on his newest novel, Mindfulness of Texas Nature, and of course going out on nature walks.

“Master Naturalists Present…” is a monthly series featuring presentations from local nature experts of the nonprofit North Texas Master Naturalists

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