Native Plant Society Project

February 2, 2017 @ 8:00 am – 5:00 pm

The Native Plant Society of Texas is seeking additional volunteers to assist in the installation of monarch waystations at four rest areas (two in Bell County and two in Hill County) on Interstate 35.  We have several upcoming workdays in February and March as shown in the inserted table below.  The dates are tentative in that I’m available to work any of the listed days, but if I do not have volunteers available to assist then I may work on other aspects of the project like planting plans, interpretive signage, and purchasing plants.  So it is important that volunteers contact me by email or by text at 361-790-6092 if they wish to work one or more of the listed days.

Activity days during February involve bed preparation where we remove (and transplant some) existing plants and existing black plastic ground cover and then restore the soil, drip irrigation, and mulch to previous condition until planting time.  We will plant all four of the rest areas during the time period from March 9-18, 2017 and which rest area we plant on which day will depend on where most of the volunteers who are available on those days can work.  Updates will be provided.

Please see the attached for the dates in February and March: NPSOT

Thanks for your consideration of this project.

Kay Jenkins

Texas Master Naturalist – East Texas Chapter

Native Plant Society of Texas

Vice-President Chapter Liaison

I-35 Rest Area Monarch Waystations Chair

NLCP Level 4 Development Committee


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