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January 3, 2024 Chapter Meeting / January 6th Field Trip

Join us online, or in person at either Dallas College Brookhaven Campus, or Dallas College Mountain View Campus for our January Chapter meeting!

In 2020, Dallas passed a much-anticipated climate action plan: the Comprehensive Environmental and Climate Action Plan, otherwise known as “CECAP”. Exceptional effort was put into the crafting of this plan, which was recognized by the Brookings Institute in 2022 as the #1 most detailed and actionable plan across 50 of the country’s largest cities. CECAP, which includes a section on ecosystem protection and enhancement, is now in its implementation phase, overseen by the Dallas Environmental Commission.

Please join us for an update on the Environmental Commission’s work and the progress of CECAP implementation. This is also a great opportunity to provide feedback and ideas as we all work together to protect and enhance our natural environment in North Texas! Read More →