The 2019 Silent Auction Support Page

The North Texas Chapter is hosting the 2019 Annual Meeting’s Silent Auction.

The Silent Auction raises funds used for TMN project grants, scholarships to the annual meeting, and to bring in speakers and trainers for future annual meetings. Please help us continue to support these goals by thinking of items that your local chapter or local partnership organizations can donate to this year’s Silent Auction.

This year we are using an online tool, Silent Auction Pro, to make the auction better for everyone.

Gary Barton, Linda Ford and John Pauley of the North Texas Chapter are chairs for the Silent Auction.

If you have any questions about the Auction, contact them at

The Silent Auction Support Page

We are using Silent Auction Pro to help us manage the silent auction at the  Texas Master Naturalist 2019 Annual Conference. There are two phases to the auction this year:

  1. Donations are made by submitting a form using paper, pencil, and a photo.
  2. Bidding for the auction is managed online on your smart phone, tablet, or computer by Silent Auction Pro.
Using Silent Auction Pro

You may access the silent auction with your smart phone, tablet, or personal computer to view things in the auction, to place a bid, or to pay for the items when the auction is closed. Use the tutorials below to learn how to register, login, view available auction items, bid, and finally to check out.

Tutorials for Silent Auction Pro


Step One: Register to donate or view the auction.

~ How to register so you may participate in the silent auction at the TMN Annual Conference. Silent_Auction_How_2_Register_2_Bid_V3

~ Register on your Smart Phone How_2_Sign_Up_On_SmartPhone_V2

Step Two: Register to bid in the auction.

Use your Smart Phone to register and bid.

~ How to log in to the system once you are registered. How_2_Log_In

~ If you forget your ID or password – what to do. Problem_Logging_In_How_2_Resolve

~ How to check your current bids

~ How to see what items are available to bid on.

~ Checking out at the conclusion of the auction.

If you have any questions or concerns, email us at

Donating to the Silent Auction

The North Texas Chapter has developed the following items for use:

TMN Donation Request : Please share this request letter as you work with your members and partners to determine great items to donate to the Silent Auction.

Donation Receipt: For use when one of your donors needs a receipt.

2019 Donation Information Form_(Word) and 2019 Donation Information Form (pdf): We want to have all of the donated items loaded into the Silent Auction Pro database as quickly as possible on the day the Annual Meeting opens. To do that, we need you to let us know what you plan to donate. Please download the form and follow the directions in the Donation_Submittal_Process.

Download the donation form and then fill it out by writing on it. You can also type your description in a downloaded Word document. Take photos of the completed form and the item you are donating. Email both photos to We will enter your item description and the photo into the Silent Auction Pro system and send you a receipt with a special tracking number when it has been entered. Please add the tracking number to the Donation Information Form.

Watch the video about how to submit an item to the Silent Auction here: YouTube – here’s the link: YouTube

~ Download the donation form in Word format and type your entry in Word. 2019 Donation Information Form_V2

~ Download the donation form as a Acrobat (PDF) document that you can write on. 2019 Donation Information Form_V2

~ Download the step-by-step instruction for the donation process. Donation_Submittal_Process_V2

~ Download the Auction Donation receipt form.
Donation Receipt

Thank you!

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