Aztec Dancers

Aztec Dancers:

Ricardo Arreazola and Cristina Salazar are the founders of Cuicani In Xochitl, an Aztec dance group that works to preserve and promote Mexican native culture. They teach Mesoamerican traditions sponsored by the Office of Cultural Affairs in the Dallas school area. Both are active practitioners of indigenous spirituality; and as such they dance and play ancient percussion instruments as part of their training.

At 10am, join the Aztec Dancers in the Bath House Theater for “Honoring the Forces of Nature through Ancient Dance”. The lecture, presented by Ricardo Arreazola and Cristina Salazar, will decode the ancient choreography in Aztec dancing that honors the forces of nature that generated and sustain the ecosystem. At its conclusion the lecture will prove from the perspective of the ancients that each, and everyone of us is a living metaphor of the four elements.

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