Big Spring Preserve at Pemberton Farm

Description of Project: A plan to preserve and protect the Dallas spring and educate the public about its historical and environmental value. The area includes over 36 acres of wildflower fields, wetlands and forest, with 300+ species of plants. 

Big Spring Preserve, aka Pemberton Spring, a natural artesian spring from a perched aquifer in the Trinity Terrace, is located in the lower White Rock Creek Watershed in the Great Trinity Forest. The property is owned by the City of Dallas. The spring serves as a year-round water supply for local wildlife and has historical significance as well. Archeological surveys have found stone tools and other evidence of human presence centuries ago. The spring has been subjected to Carbon-14 dating and is ~600 years old.

Securely separate and south of the spring complex lies Texas Horse Park, with equestrian trails through the forest, part of a City of Dallas park project.

A steering team representing Dallas Parks/Dallas Trinity Corridor Project, Trinity River Audubon Center, Texas Parks and Wildlife and other agencies along with North Texas Master Naturalists and Texas Stream Team is developing an overall adaptive management plan for Big Spring Preserve. Master Naturalists conducted citizen science at Pemberton Big Spring for years before it was approved by City Council in 2016 as the first natural asset, not man-made, Dallas Landmark Commission historical designation.

Volunteer activities include, but are not limited to, plant and animal surveys, water quality monitoring, leading wildflower/photography/birding hikes, trash clean-up days, invasive plant reduction, native plant restoration, developing educational materials, programs and Citizen Science activities at Big Spring. A wetlands trunk was developed by NTMN intern classes with emphasis on Big Spring macro invertebrates. 

Big Spring Preserve is open for announced activities or by appointment. Regular open house events in spring and fall. NTMNs are welcome to become familiar with the property to lead weekend hikes and bird outings in the Trinity Forest. Come visit and find your niche at Pemberton Big Spring!

Location: 925 Pemberton Hill Road, Dallas, TX 75217, United States

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