Carolyn Rozier: A Truly Multifaceted Award Winner

By Jim Folger, Awards Committee Chair

Since completing her training in the 2004 class, Carolyn has been extremely active in several volunteer projects, and has earned her milestone award for 2500 hours.

Her singular most important contribution has been to the Dallas County Herbarium. She organizes collecting walks with experts, puts together identification and mounting sessions, and works closely with BRIT on our collection. She also trains new Master Naturalists on plant identification and pressing and mounting techniques.

Wendy Stewart says: “She is like an orchestra conductor, steadily keeping us on track and making sure all parts are moving together. She has delegated different parts of the herbarium process to different people, but it all comes down to her. The ID and mounting sessions are fun – she always brings candy.”

Sandy Stinson reports that that Carolyn has always been an exuberant participant in the Tiny Trekkers walks. Tiny Trekkers provides free, guided nature hikes in area parks for children aged 0-5 and their parents, especially for home schoolers.  Carolyn is the “insect expert.”  She also is really good at using puppets with the children.

Bruce Stewart believes that Carolyn represents the gold standard for new class mentors, and it is hard to argue with that. In the past, she has met with her mentees before class, taken people to the chapter meetings and to BRIT if they are interested. Gary Barton said she was his mentor in 2012, and that she still remembers his birthday with a hand-crafted card each year. He suspects she does this with all her mentees. He also adds: “she is one of the most supportive and encouraging individuals that I know.  She is smart, knowledgeable, sincere and always fun to be with.”

Carolyn also volunteers at DFW Wildlife Coalition, and is seriously involved with cat rescue.

In addition to her chapter work, Carolyn is also a Master Gardener, and was DCMGA President in 2011-2012.

On a personal note, I have it on good authority that her favorite animal is a penguin, and she enjoys collecting and receiving gifts of assorted penguin memorabilia.

She loves to entertain on Halloween. Dressed convincingly as a witch, usually with a party at her house, she serves punch with floating eyeballs, dip garnished with cut-off fingers, and has a pumpkin decorating contest. Everyone must come dressed in costume and leave their brooms outside the door.

Congratulations, Carolyn on your great contributions!

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