Celebrating National Hispanic Heritage Month

by Ginger Greatens, NTMN class of 2017

National Hispanic Heritage Month celebrates the history, culture and contributions of Hispanic and Latino Americans. The dates of September 15 through October 15 are significant because several Latin American countries celebrate their independence between September 15-18 and October 12 marks Dia de la Raza, which is a holiday that is celebrated in Latin America instead of  Columbus Day. Discover how Latinos and Hispanics have been shaping the National Park Service since 1916.

How can we, as NTMN, honor and appreciate Hispanic Heritage Month?  

  1.  Learn why Hispanic Heritage Month is celebrated.  Listen to a TED talk 
  2. Learn more about important local history: The Ghosts of Cement City, Lost + Found: Pike Park – Little Mexico’s Struggle for its Oasis
  3. Visit the Fort Worth Botanical Gardens and enjoy the many Hispanic Heritage Month exhibits 
  4. Visit the Latino Cultural Center, 2600 Live Oak Street, Dallas 75204 to see the Yanga and the AfroMexican Experience Exhibit
  5. Introduce yourself to the amazing  Susana Cruz, NTMN Class of 2022,  Learn more about her mission and Chicana In Nature and follow her on Instagram
  6. Attend Casa Guanajuato Anniversary Celebration, 1002 Brooklyn Ave, Dallas 75208 on Sept 24, 5-9 PM,  NTMN will be presenting a nature exhibit and ALL NTMN are invited to enjoy the festivities.   

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