Class of 2020 Prevails over Pandemic!

New Class Covid-19 Update

by Nancy Wilson

Three Cheers for the 2020 NTMN Class — one of a handful in the State to complete their classwork schedule during the days of physical distancing! This is such an engaged and energetic class I had no doubt we could meet the challenge. They are making progress on Class Projects and their leaders already have some fun ideas for rescheduled field trips once we are able to meet together again.

We are so grateful to all of the fabulous instructors who have embraced the online approach for classes without hesitation. Some of the students have mentioned that they might like class online better. You have engaged in excellent interaction via Chat. Bruce and I have been blown away by the quality of comments and the questions exchanged. Thank you for embracing this online format.

Thanks also to Bruce Stewart, who got us up and running on Zoom, hosts each meeting, and manages the Q&A for many of our speakers.

Although they were not able to meet for most of the schedule, we do have some photographic proof of their efforts prior to the social distancing requirements. Here is the album of class field trips. Special thanks to Stalin, Alan, and the rest of the photography committee for compiling these albums!

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