2018 Milestone Achievements

The Texas Master Naturalist Program offers a series of pins commemorating different milestone achievements for Volunteer Service hours within the program. Congratulations to everyone who achieved a new level during 2018!

5000 hours 
Natha Taylor

2500 hours
Jim Folger
Judy Meagher
Carolyn Rozier
Bruce Stewart
Whitney Wolf

1000 hours
Judy Aschner
Anne Curtin
Jane Duke
Bruce Leiding
Shannon Love
Viola “Rose” Mercer
Selena Schindler
Janet Smith
Tom Willard

500 hours
Pamela Carranza
Don Farmer
Al Hirschler
Joe LaBay
Don Pearson
Carrie Robinson
Stalin SM
Robert Thurman
Cecilie Wallace
Charlie Warmberg
Allister Webster
Christine Wordlaw

250 hours
Petrine Abrams
Dale Bennett
Maureen Bly
Judy Cato
Andie Comini
Suzanna Dooling
Carol Feldman
Patricia Griffin
Mark Lerner
Michele Miles
John Spaulding
Kent Trulsson
Christine Wordlaw


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