Dallas County Herbarium

A collection of voucher specimens of plants found in Dallas County to be used for educational purposes. Plants include grasses, native and non-native wildflowers, and signature species such as Texas buckeye, trout lily, and Hexalectris orchid.

Volunteers will collect, press, preserve, mount and store plants. Other tasks include photography and photo publishing, preparing outreach displays, maintaining a database. Volunteers will receive training from the Botanical Research Institute of Texas and individual trainers.

This is a presentation about our work with the Herbarium: Dallas County Herbarium

These are lists of the plants in the collection: 
2022-08-23_Public Education Collection List
2022-08-23_Public Permanent Collection List

Jim Varnum Database Jim Varnum Database

Presentation about Jim Varnum Database: JV-DB Presentation for TMN Oct Conf

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