Education for the Community, Adults, and Families

We provide high-quality and engaging speakers covering a wide array of nature and environmental topics. If you are seeking vendors to add enrichment to your event, we can provide booths, whether informational or interactive, staffed by highly trained members of the North Texas Master Naturalist community.

Master Naturalists are trained to present informational Nature Discovery Trunks on the following topics: Mammals, pollinators, the Blackland prairie, forests, birds, and wetlands. Each Discovery Trunk is packed with information, supplies, and educational materials which support the topic being presented. Guests are encouraged to ask questions, touch, and explore the items presented on the tables.

Reach out to our Community Education team:

Master Naturalists standing behind a table containing books and information.

Master Naturalists at a community event with their Forest Discovery Trunk materials.

Group seated facing a presenter who is pinching his nose to indicate something is smelly.

Sam Kieschnick presents to a community group. Photo by M. Stepanek

A group in a forest stopping to admire a large tree.

A Master Naturalist leads a forest walk at the Ned and Genie Fritz Texas Buckeye Trail. Photo by Rebecca Posten

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