Harry S. Moss Park Restoration

In 2017, Texas Discovery Gardens received a grant from the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation. The grant’s goal was the restoration and establishment of 80 acres of Monarch butterfly habitat within Dallas city parks. The restoration work included propagation and distribution of milkweed and other native prairie pollinator plants and a key location for this was Harry S. Moss Park in North Dallas.

Our friend, grass professor, and Master Naturalist Rich Jaynes obtained satellite photographs of the park to document the progress of the project. The image on the left, from July 2017, shows woody invasives taking over the park.

The image on the right from July 2019 shows how much work has been done to create the habitat. The team was able to secure a forestry grinding machine to turn the woody invasive plants into mulch.

The North Texas Master Naturalists are responsible for much of the restoration work at Moss Park. Remember the Big Chapter Project last fall?  58 of us planted over 1000 Milkweed and prairie plants and spread hundreds of pounds of seed. Check out the photo album here!

Please stop by Moss Park and enjoy the prairie habitat you restored.

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