Introducing the Diversity and Inclusion Task Force

by Ginger Greatens

In January 2020, NTMN formed a Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) Task Force to address the consensus for change, and to ask these critical questions: Who are we as an organization, and who do we represent? The task force identified a distinct lack of diversity and inclusion within the NTMN membership and committed itself to providing strategic steps to enact substantial, long-lasting change within our organization. To begin this process, the task force researched, created and established guiding principles related to equality, diversity and inclusion, and formulated actionable plans that will allow us to evaluate our progress. 

After several months of work, the NTMN D&I Task Force now presents the revised NTMN Mission Statements for Diversity and Inclusion. 

Please click here to view:  NTMN D&I Mission Statement Dec 2020

We acknowledge that these vital changes will take time and steadfast commitment, and that they may be uncomfortable.  We request that all NTMN members give this plan and its proposed changes their full support.  We value and seek your input. Meaningful change will take ALL of us to move forward towards a better, more just organization that fully represents and serves the community we live in.  

If you are interested in getting involved with the D&I Task Force, please contact Ginger Greatens,

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