Meghan Peoples

Meghan Peoples

Inspired horticulturist with a mission to see the revival of our native plants and ecosystems. By day, I build plant programs for start-up companies or create backyard habitats for residential clients. I am an advocate for all things wild & free and hope to see the creation of a more sustainable world through the return of nature to our urban spaces.


I’ve dabbled in a number of botanical pursuits including museum horticulture and tropical conservatories, vineyards & wineries, production greenhouses, food gardening, taxonomy, sustainable landscape design, and more.

In plants we find beauty and wonder. We harvest food, oxygen, and medicine. They form the base of our food chains on which all life depends on. They show us the health of our ecosystems. In nature and in plants lies the answer to global sustainability, to health, happiness, and well-being.

When in doubt, consult nature, the answer is always there.

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