North Texas Master Naturalists Attend Dallas County Lepidopterists’ Society June Field Trip 

By John Wilt

Many North Texas Master Naturalists attended Dale Clark’s Dallas County Lepidopterists’ Society group on a field trip to my farm in Ellis County. We were able to see 25 different species of butterflies. Dale has been leading field trips like this for over two decades. In the cooler months, meetings are held indoors at Texas Discovery Gardens. For future trip locations, you can check  AT hours are normally available.

The Wilt farm, barely 30 minutes drive from Dallas, is a Naturalist’s paradise. Half the acreage is former pastureland which is now full of tall grasses and native prairie plants.  The remaining land is bottom land thick with great hardwoods.  The Red Oak Creek serves as the northern boundary.

I hope, in the future, many of you might visit. There is an abundance of birds, especially raptors, native plants, especially Blue Bonnets, and, of course, butterflies.

To see more pictures of the June Field Trip, click here: Lepidopterist field trip.

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