NPPD 2017 Artists

For the first time, we will have artists with their nature-themed creations available.


Rebecca & Ken Boatman  -  Metal and ceramic yard art
Ken and Rebecca create both functional and decorative pieces for the yard including bottle trees, goddesses, bird baths, bird feeders, chairs, tables and more from clay and metal.

Patricia Dillingham   -  Multi-media art
(214) 437-8848  Email:

Patricia has been making art of some sort most of her life, and today is showing nature-related images from every-day life. Whether a subtly embossed white note card or a boldly hued light switch cover, her work is light-hearted and fun.

Shelly & Mike Clem  -  Art made from books   (214) 837-8419

At LetterLounge, old classics are lovingly transformed into new objects that help their owners remember the great ideas within them and spur new creativity through their display.  These letters, numbers and symbols make a perfect gift for Weddings, Baby Showers, Mother's Day, Anniversaries, Birthdays, Valentine's Day, Christmas, Teacher's, Dads, Grads etc. 

Betsy Doan  - Betsy's Mud Puppy Studio - Ceramic yard art

(214) 321-7090  Email:
Betsy's love of ceramics is an extension of her love of gardening - hands in the dirt/hands in clay - both inspire her!  Her artwork is beautiful and sometimes whimsical, functional and decorative.  Journey with Betsy as she takes her work from wall decor, to the table, and finally into the garden.

Patty Goya  -  Bonsai plants • Koke Gardens
(214) 923-8571  Email:  

Kokedama, which translates as "moss ball", is an old Japanese art form.  It is considered to be the "poor man's bonsai " because the container is created out of moss and dirt.  Incredibly unique and beautiful, they are either placed on a shallow dish or suspended from a string.
Charles Hess  - Orchid Art watercolor prints and orchid specialty items

(972) 380-6685

Web site:
Inspired by both the unique floral paintings, as well as the Amazon conservation efforts of renowned botanical artist Margaret Mee,100% of all sales proceeds from Dallas artist Charles Hess are donated to the preservation of orchid habitats in the rainforests of South America and Asia (Rainforest Trust), and to the study and preservation of native orchid species in North America (North American Orchid Conservation Center at the Smithsonian).
Teresa Parsons
Teresa's passions includes, nature, art and music.  On clay and canvas she strives to express her love of texture, color and form. Her journey has taken her from the public school art classroom to the studio and back again. "I am making functional pottery, and large scale paintings as well as large clay vases that become a canvas to express inner emotions and passions."

Kate Schatz  -  Ceramic artist  
(469) 233-6173    Email: 

Sharon Zigrossi  -  Blooming Hub Caps
Blooming Hub Caps are painted wheel covers that have been rescued from the side of the road and recreated into one of a kind works of art. The artist, Sharon Zigrossi likes to see the potential in what we often throw away by incorporating found materials into her flowering treasures. As a master gardener, recycle artist and landscape manager, Sharon finds inspiration daily in flowers and the natural world.
Marilee Haynes
Marilee is a sixth generation Texan on her mother’s side. Her mother loved nature and shared that love with all her children, who in turn have passed it down to their children. Marilee's work is inspired by growing up in the Lone Star State and nature is a constant theme in her award winning original artwork.
original nature art • nature jewelry • fine art prints • hand painted T-shirts

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