NTMN Standing Committees

NTMN Standing Committees
Updated 2/10/20

Advanced Training Committee:  Mary Mamantov, advtraining@ntmn.org

This committee supports the Volunteer Service Projects / Advanced Training Director to review, organize, assign codes, and notify Chapter members of approved Advanced Training opportunities.  Reviews special requests for variances; i.e. specifically for AT hours for research for papers or presentations. These requests should include a copy of the work product.   Recommend to the Volunteer Services Director whether or not these requests should be granted.

Awards Committee:  Jim Folger, awards@ntmn.org

This committee is responsible for recognizing the important contributions of NTMN chapter members.  The committee reports to the Vice President and has  additional responsibilities for coordinating the December awards banquet.  The committee administers the “Volunteer of the Quarter” process. All chapter members are free to submit recommendations to any one of the committee members for consideration.

The Audit Review Committee:  Stan Altschuler, audit @ntmn.org

The committee’s responsibility is to review the financial records of NTMN each year and verify those records are complete, accurate, and an honest reflection of the finances of the association during the previous year.  The committee consists of the Chair, 2-4 “audit” reviewers (we really are reviewing the records and not performing a legal “audit”), the treasurer or treasurers, and the Vice President of NTMN.  We meet one Saturday each year, generally in mid-January, for around 5 hours plus travel time.  

Goals & Research:  Jim Folger, goals@ntmn.org

This group works on annual planning for the chapter. We need people with an interest in research and planning activities. We plan one major meeting per year in January, and then follow-up and research. 

Communications:  Website/Newsletter/Facebook/Social Media:

Carol Garrison, communications@ntmn.org

We support the Communications efforts of the chapter: manage Mailchimp, publish the newsletter, maintain the website, and administer our Social Media presence on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest.  Submissions for the Dragonflyer Newsletter should be sent to Dorothy Buechel, our editor, at newsletter@ntmn.org.  Fritz Kuehn is our Webmaster.  He can be reached at webmaster@ntmn.org.  Amy Martin is our Social Media Chair.  She can be reached at socialmediachair@ntmn.org. Prospective committee members should contact Carol Garrison at communications@ntmn.org or any of the committee chairs.

Community Education:  Vacant

Reports to Ginger Greatens, the Community Education Director, communityed@ntmn.org . This committee provides community education, booths, programs and special event involvement for NTMN and our volunteers. Assistance with this group can be ongoing throughout the year or with one particular event.

Historian/Archivist:  Vacant, historian@ntmn.org

This Committee meets most Thursdays at the Texas AgriLife office to compile our award-winning scrapbook, which documents our Chapter activities.  We won Best Scrapbook in 2016 at the Master Naturalist State Conference. 

Hospitality:  Jill Robinson, Carol Silverthorne, Susan Sporl, hospitality@ntmn.org

This committee arranges for several members of the Chapter to furnish food and beverages at each of our monthly meetings. 

Membership Committee:  Susan Walters, membership@ntmn.org

This committee manages the Chapter’s records and reports within the TMN VMS.  Maintains rosters and supports the Membership Director in compiling reports of those who have reached certification and milestone awards.

Nature Discovery Trunks Committee:  Elaine White, trunks@ntmn.org

This committee maintains the Chapter’s Nature Discovery Trunks for use in community outreach and educational events. Their responsibilities include training members on the use of the trunk materials and scheduling when the trunks are used.

New Class Committee:  Nancy Wilson, education@ntmn.org
The New Class Committee plans and implements the Chapter training for the new class trainees under the guidance of the New Class Director.  This includes all of the logistics for the weekly classes as well as the field trips and class projects.

Nomination Committee:  Bruce Stewart, pastpresident@ntmn.org

Bruce convenes a committee in August to nominate board member candidates.

Photography:  Stalin SM, photographs@ntmn.org

Committee members photograph NTMN events and the activities of volunteers. Prospective committee members should have photographic skills, know how to resize photos and use email or dropbox, etc. 

Policies and Procedures Committee:  Whitney Wolf, policy@ntmn.org

The Policies and Procedures Committee is responsible for keeping the Bylaws and the Chapter Operating Handbook up to date.  They are also responsible for ensuring that up to date copies of the COH and Bylaws are posted on the NTMN website for review by members.

Programs and Special Events:  Mark Kennedy and Amy Martin programs@ntmn.org . We are a committee seeking high quality monthly meeting presentations that are educational, thought-provoking, and relevant to Texas nature.  We encourage all members to participate and offer your suggestions and leads for future presentation topics and speakers. The committee is also responsible for the Summer Social.

Speakers Bureau:  Henry Aschner, speakers@ntmn.org

Our Speakers Bureau responds to requests for a speaker to address their groups on a variety of topics by matching a Master Naturalist with the required expertise to the event.  This is an excellent way to educate the public, one of our major missions.  If you want to be considered to speak at events, please notify Henry of your area of expertise.

Treasurers Committee:  Vacant, treasurer@ntmn.org

This committee supports the Treasurers in their work for the Chapter.

Videography Committee:  Bruce Stewart, videos@ntmn.org

This group serves under the leadership of the Communication Chair, to develop videos for training, promotions, and information to NTMN members and the public. We oversee the delivery and management of media content and may partner with other committees to achieve desired goals. 

Volunteer Project Approval Committee:  Russ Olivier, activities@ntmn.org

This committee reviews all applications for Chapter projects and makes approval recommendations to the Volunteer Service Projects Director.  They also oversee the process of “Specialist” designations within our Chapter including determining the criteria for each and approving the training opportunities.

Volunteer Service Projects Committee:  Russ Olivier, activities@ntmn.org

This committee supports the Volunteer Service Projects/ Advanced Training Director to review, organize, assign codes, and notify Chapter members of approved Volunteer Service opportunities and projects. 

Walks:  Teresa Grafton, walks@ntmn.org

This committee organizes expert-led walks for the public.

Youth Development:  Lara Guerra, youthcom@ntmn.org

This committee provides support for education to schools, organizations, and home schooling groups for NTMN and our volunteers.

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