Project Feederwatch

This is an individual scientific data collection project that runs for 20 weeks during the winter. Volunteer bird watchers participate in a worldwide study of birds. They submit their observations to the Cornell Lab of Ornithology, where scientists are working to develop a global understanding of changing bird populations. Cornell reports data on local, state and North American birds.

Project Feeder Watch also includes the Great Backyard Bird Count, the annual one-day snapshot of America’s birds in mid-February.

Volunteers for Project Feeder Watch become registered participants by contacting the project leaders listed below. Participants choose which day(s) and hour(s) each week or biweekly they will observe during the period from the second Saturday in November to the second Saturday of April. Time can be as little as an hour a week up to 8+ hours in a two-week period.


cardinal on a birdbath

photo by Stalin SM

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