White Rock Lake

Features for the Naturalist

Beloved 1254-acre lake with 10 miles of paved trails. Great birdwatching at northern end, Sunset Bay, and below spillway. Brown pelicans and other waterfowl migrators overwinter. Look for twiggy nests of monk parakeet colony at electrical substation and nearby towers off White Rock Rd. Naturalist museum at Bath House Cultural Center. 250+ acres of Blackland Prairie. Sailboating, canoeing, kayaking.

Great for: The Naturalist-In-Training, The Birder, The Botanist, The Entomologist, The Forester, The Geologist, The Outdoor Adventurer, The Wetlander, and The Wildlife Biologist.

Park Information


Treasured urban lake with extensive paved trails for bicycling/walking, birdwatching areas, cultural center with naturalist museum, and watersports from paddleboard to kayaking to sailing. Popular dog park and picnic pavilions with views.


  • Regular & Portable Restrooms
  • Visitor Activity Center
  • Handicap Accessible
  • Paved & Unpaved Hiking Trails
  • Paved Biking Trails
  • Water Access/Feature
  • Dog Friendly (On Leash)
  • Family Friendly Features
  • Scheduled Activities
  • Picnic Tables


Address: 8300 Garland Rd., Dallas, TX 75201 (northern access from Mockingbird Ln. at Buckner Blvd.

Phone: 214.670.4100

Website: White Rock Lake

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