Rockwall Parks and Preserves

Activity Address/Location: Starts at Emerald Bay Park, Park View Drive off North Lakeshore Dr (Parking lot there)
County: Rockwall Zip Code: 75087

Description of the Activity (include type(s), e.g., restoration, preservation, education, monitoring, habitat,
wildscape): Educational guided tours of 7 pollinator gardens, 1 pollinator meadow, and a 26-acre natural preserve that opened recently (trail through it). Opportunities to join members of the Rockwall Butterfly Brigade in future endeavors of weeding, planting, and maintaining the gardens, under the direction of the Parks Department.

How will this Activity provide outreach, education and/or service of natural resources and natural areas within our
local communities? These pollinator gardens will be used for education/outreach to visitors of the Rockwall Parks – hopefully inspiring
residents to utilize native plants for their own landscaping. The preserve has three new outdoor classrooms that will be used to teach residents about forests and natural meadows. The evolving meadow at Stone Creek Park will show ongoing experiments to overcome invasive species.

Other Organizations Involved: City of Rockwall Parks and Recreation, Rockwall Butterfly Brigade, local schools, and Texas Parks and Wildlife

Describe Anticipated Need for Volunteers (i.e., how many and how often): Volunteers will manage these pollinator gardens for wildlife habitat. This includes weeding, seed collecting, putting in different species of plants. Also, documentation of the various pollinators that visit these gardens. Pettinger Nature Preserve will be used as a place for leading nature walks (for general public and schools).

Describe Volunteer Opportunities and Approximate Number of Volunteer Hours That Will Be Offered:
Volunteers will manage gardens on a regular or irregular basis (seasonal management will require different times). Leading of nature programs at Pettinger Nature Preserve.

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