Rogers Wildlife Rehabilitation Center – Spring Big Chapter Project & Friends of a Feather Open House

By Danielle LoPresti, Big Chapter Project Chair

This spring brought a lot of activity to Rogers Wildlife Rehabilitation Center.  On May 4th, over 50 Master Naturalists descended on the center for the Spring Big Chapter Project to de-winterize the facilities.  After 3 hours of removing plastic from the flight cages, power washing, re-graveling, planting, and general clean-up, it was evident that we had made a dramatic difference as the entire property was transformed.

And after a lot of hard work and a job well done, we were then rewarded with a special AT talk by Kathy Rogers, owner and facilitator of Rogers Wildlife., which also included a rare appearance by a couple of baby red-shouldered hawks.

It was a great day of service and camaraderie that was much appreciated by Kathy!

All of our hard work from this year’s Big Chapter Project was in preparation for the 2nd annual Friends of a Feather Open House.  Originating as a class project for the Spring 2018 class, this educational event was brought back by popular demand, and helps to bring awareness to the public about conservation and the work Rogers Wildlife does.

As is typical of our unpredictable spring weather though, we were unfortunately rained out for our original May 18th date, but were able to come together on June 1st and were rewarded with another great turnout.

Many thanks to all the volunteers who came out to support Rogers Wildlife this year!

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