Seeking Trunk Coordinators

by Elaine White

Trunks are ever-growing and evolving portable containers filled with a plethora of topic-specific items to be displayed during education and outreach events like festivals, scouting events, Earth Day, etc. NTMN takes on as many opportunities as we can fulfill for outreach and education to the community. The current trunks are Mammal, Prairie, Pollinator, Bird, and Wetlands.

photo by Alan Lusk

Right now, we need Trunk Coordinators for our Mammal trunks and Wetlands Trunks, and possibly for our newest trunk that is yet to be revealed: the Forest Trunk. 

What exactly is a Trunk Coordinator (TC), you ask? They keep the trunks updated and stocked after an event, and make sure everything is put back in place and is in good shape. They provide an inventory list of items in the trunk to our Webmaster to keep the trunk resource page current. Trunk coordinators meet occasionally to discuss issues, problems, and solutions. There are so many opportunities for flexible volunteer hours: research possible new items, create talking points, drive to and from the storage unit, and spend time with the trunks themselves. Trunk training is provided as needed and there is always someone available to answer questions.

If you’re interested in being a Trunk Coordinator, contact Elaine White

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