Shannon Love

Shannon Love Pointing with Final TextBio
Shannon Love holds a BA in art from Texas Tech and an MA in Painting from University of Dallas.  A lifelong birder, Shannon celebrates her love of nature through her pursuits with the Native Plant Society, Master Naturalists and Master Birders.  She is currently the Educator for grades 4 – 12 at the John Bunker Sands Wetland Center.

Spring migration of Nearctic-Neotropical birds is a very exciting time to birdwatch in Texas. These migrant birds breed in the U.S. and Canada but spend the winter months in the tropical zones of Central and South America. Of the 338 species listed as Nearctic-Neotropical migrants in North America, 333 of them have been recorded migrating through Texas. This means that spring birding in our state can offer great sightings. And one of the best birding hotspots in North Central Texas is White Rock Lake.

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