Texas A&M Agrilife Moving?

Gary in the storeroom

By Whitney Wolf

As you know, we were told that we are moving from the Texas A&M Agrilife location on Marsh Lane. Originally scheduled for the middle of November, our move has been complicated by the damage sustained by the building during the tornado on October 20. There has been uncertain power and limited access to the building since then.

A small team of intrepid NTMNs lead by Gary Barton worked to move everything out of our storage space. We don’t know yet when we will have a permanent solution to our storage needs. Temporarily, the Nature Discovery Trunks are being housed by the Trunk Wranglers. The process to reserve the trunks remains the same except for the coordination for actually picking up the trunk materials. Please see this link for further information about the trunks. https://members.ntmn.org/resources/outreach-trunk-materials

Most of the rest of our materials which were in the basement at Agrilife are with Gary and a few other members. Please don’t hesitate to contact Gary if there is something you need from storage. You can reach him at resources@ntmn.org

Gary and Nancy Wilson

We have heard that our new space at the Brinker Building (located at 635 and Hillcrest) might be available for move-in by mid-December. We will keep you posted.

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