Texas Conservation Alliance

Description of the Activity (include type(s), e.g., restoration, preservation, education, monitoring, habitat, wildscape):
TCA initiates grassroots conservation activities with local and regional stakeholders. The organization uses resources with partnered conservation groups to fulfill its mission to educate the public on sustainable practices, to protect wildlife and native habitat, assist with important scientific research, and inspire young people to appreciate and respect nature. This aligns well with Texas Master Naturalists’ mission.

How will this Activity provide outreach, education and/or service of natural resources and natural areas
within our local communities?
TCA engages with local communities to protect rivers and forests, and build alliances to enhance and sustain wildlife habitat. TCA also educates Texans and younger generations about nature and conservation while choosing projects that benefit wildlife, rivers and native ecosystems. Education on iNaturalist use and animal identification, getting injured wildlife connected with appropriate rehab facilities or deceased wildlife to researchers to help remaining wildlife.

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