Texas Stream Team Monitors

By Richard Grayson

This year, it’s been difficult for many to accumulate volunteer hours, but the Aquatic Alliance – Texas Stream Team Monitors.

The 26 Monitors listed here have been out almost every month reporting results to the TST Waterways database. These activities work well amid quarantine restrictions. Some Monitors work solo and many work with a partner, often a household member.

Normally the six hour training is done quarterly at TRAC but both the April and July sessions were canceled. Let’s hope the October and January classes happen.

Thank you Aquatic Alliance – Texas Stream Team Monitors for your dedicated service! 

Info here, or reach out to Richard Grayson.

Adler, Tony

Andrews, Tyler

Beckham, Joe

Bell, Daniel

Cato, Judy

Coker, Didi

Curtin, Anne

Dooling, Suzanna

Garrison, Carol

Grayson, Richard

Hampton, David

Hampton, Linda

Heath, Tom

Jackson, Eugene

Kinstley, Phillip

Kisko, Deanna

Lineberry, Marion

Lobb, Mary

Marple, Lynn

Papp, Jon

Robinson, Carrie

Runyon, Lisa

Sandifer, Ben

Shouse, Jim

Spence, Gary

Thurman, Bob

Thurman, Laura

Vanous, Courtney

Weisensel, Jennifer 

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