The Frankford Prairie

This ‘miracle’ native prairie is quietly tucked inside a north Dallas neighborhood in what once was the community of Frankford.  The site includes 2 ½ acres of native prairie, the beautifully restored Old Frankford Church and cemetery dating back to 1862, Indian Springs at Hall’s Branch which feeds White Rock Lake, and a field which was once a wagon yard for trail drivers across the creek.

Master Naturalists volunteer to help restore and maintain the prairie while learning about native plants and wildlife.  Workdays might include eradicating invasive plants like Scabiosa and Johnson grass as well as inventory resources and manage it to enhance biodiversity.  Depending on the day’s activity, it is possible to earn both advanced training and volunteer hours at the same event.

Frankford Prairie website:

Location: 17400 Muirfield, Dallas, Texas 75287

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