Volunteer Management System News

By Bob Thurman, Volunteer Service Projects/ Advanced Training Director

Are you “good” with computers? Would you like lots of volunteer hours that you can get working from home? I have a wonderful opportunity for you! I need four people who are ready to be trained to enter events on the calendar and VH/AT spreadsheet, and approve VH/AT hours for the chapter members.

The state has changed the rules on entering hours. The Hours Management team can no longer enter hours or correct mistakes for you that are more than 45 days old. This means you (and we) no longer have 45 days to enter hours. If you take 35 days to enter an event, we have 10 days to check it and get back to you if changes are needed.

There is a way to get the state to enter or correct the hours for you but it’s UGLY! It involves sending the request to the Chapter President who approves it and sends it to the Board who approves it. Then we can send a ticket to state, who may or may not enter it. That is supposed to be for emergencies only!

If you have any questions about this or are ready to volunteer, email me and we’ll get started.

Bob Thurman

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