Warren Angus Fergus Cemetery Woodland Restoration

The Forest Hills Park Addition Homeowners Association, composed of four homeowners in residential Forest Hills, is restoring the neglected landscape of the Warren Angus Ferris cemetery. The cemetery is a designated historic site located at the northwest corner of St. Francis Avenue and San Leandro Drive, Dallas, Texas.

The Ferris Cemetery was established in the mid-1800s on the property of Warren Angus Ferris and used by the Ferris family and neighboring community. There is some historical evidence that it also contained the graves of freed men. Mr. Ferris, a surveyor, was a man of note. He was the first to record the marvels of Yellowstone National Park.  In the 1840s, he camped on the banks of White Rock Creek to survey what is today the city of Dallas. At the suggestion of the Dallas County Historical Commission, archeological investigations at the Ferris Cemetery were conducted in 1986. This resulted in the placement of a Texas historical marker on the site.

The current landscape of the cemetery has become a thicket of invasive bushes and trees. The goal of restoration is to restore the landscape to bio-diverse native species. This, in turn, will support native wildlife and invigorate a local and migratory habitat in our neighborhood. To support this goal, a proposed scope of work was prepared by prominent, local landscape architect Michael Parkey.

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