Welcome 2020 Trainees

By Nancy Wilson

Meet the NTMN class of 2020

Talk about diversity! The 2020 class includes Peace Corps volunteers, artists, authors, educators, scientists, bird enthusiasts, scouts and scout supporters. We have people just beginning their careers, parents, retirees, and people looking for new endeavors to which they can devote time, energy, and talents.

Don’t you want to meet the person who was part of a team that reconstructed a fank (traditional Scottish sheep enclosure made of local stone)? How about someone who worked as a guide at Yosemite? Feature film animator?  Canvasser for the Ancient Forest Alliance? Person who manages land for wild turkey?  

Here are some amazing quotes on why these new members wanted to join NTMN:  

“I want to use what I learn to expand awareness of the Great Trinity Forest.”

“I have been deeply interested in how we have lost our connection with land, food, natural lighting and how this affects our lives.”

“I want to know how to protect our rivers and lakes.”

“I love working with people and I help with community projects whenever I get the chance.”

“Spending time outside close to nature has significant and wide-ranging health benefits.”

“What children can learn from nature is invaluable, and it is our responsibility to ensure they have the opportunity and resources available to fall in love with the natural world.”

“I honestly love all snakes.”

“I want to be part of a group of like-minded nature enthusiasts.”

One of the 2020 goals for our chapter is to encourage engagement among our members. As we start this new year, challenge yourself to help new members find their niche in our large chapter, and perhaps find some new friends along the way!

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