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Please address general questions to

  • President: Scott Hudson
    • Goals & Research Committee: Jim Folger
    • Nomination Committee: Bruce Stewart
    • Policy & Procedures Guidelines Committee: W. Wolf
  • Vice President: Jo Lynne Merrill
    • Audit Committee: Stan Altschuler
    • Awards Committee: Jim Folger
    • Hospitality Committee: Jill Robinson, Carol Silverthorne, Susan Sporl
    • Programs and Special Events: Mark Kennedy & Amy Martin
    • Resource Manager: Gary Barton
  • Secretary: Connie Koval
    • Historian/Archivist: Vacant
    • Retention Specialist: Kate Whidden
  • Treasurer: Alan Lusk & Ann Willis-Brown
  • Volunteer Service Projects/ Advanced Training Director: Russ Olivier

    • Advanced Training: Mary Mamantov
    • Big Chapter Projects: Danielle LoPresti
  • Membership Director: Susan Walters
    • Volunteer Management System
  • New Class Director: Nancy Wilson
  • Communications Director: Carol Garrison
    • Newsletter: Dorothy Buechel
    • Photography: Stalin SM
    • Social Media Chair: Amy Martin
    • Videography: Bruce Stewart
    • Website: Fritz Keuhn
  • Youth Development Director: Tabatha Knickerbocker
    • Youth Development Chair: Lara Guerra
    • Nature Trunk Inventory Resource Manager: Elaine White
  • Community Education: Ginger Greatens
    • Community Education Chair: Vacant
    • Speakers Bureau: Henry Aschner
      Guided Walks Coordinator: Teresa Grafton
  • State Representative: Steve Wilson
  • Immediate Past President: Bruce Stewart
  • New Class Representative: Ashley Liggins

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