The below videos were created by Master Naturalist volunteers. 

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Recent Videos

For their class project, members of the recent fall class of the North Texas Master Naturalist chapter created a Jr. Master Naturalist program. This video highlights those adventures.


This is a basic exercise in testing water quality. It is best done in the spring. The results of this testing give a decent picture of water quality, but there are a number of other ways, requiring more sophisticated materials, water quality would need to be tested to give a comprehensive view. Included in this video is a reference to a file. You can find that file here:


The Spring Creek Forest Preserve in Garland, Texas, is considered a local treasure. In an impressive show of community cooperation, a new, self-guided nature trail was recently launched. This video provides an overview of the efforts of several groups and individuals to make maintenance and preservation of this location possible. Third place winner of the 2017 Texas Master Naturalist State Conference Video Contest. Created by North Texas Master Naturalist Chapter member, Nick Mirro, class of 2014.


The North Texas chapter is one of the biggest and oldest chapters within in the Texas Master Naturalist program. In this short video, members of the North Texas Master Naturalist chapter share their reflections and insights on the last 20 years of the chapter’s history.



Past Videos

Master Naturalist volunteers come from all backgrounds and are all ages. Hear how some volunteers heard about the program in this introductory video. First place winner at the 2015 Texas Master Naturalist annual conference video contest. Created by North Texas Master Naturalist Chapter member, Jennifer Weisensel, class of 2008.


Jim Varnum was one of the North Texas Master Naturalist chapter’s most involved volunteers. His legacy continues on with each person who continues to educate others about our natural world.


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