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At each monthly chapter meeting, a talented speaker discusses a fascinating project.

Protecting Dark Skies for Humans & Wildlife – Meeting 10-5-22

October 5, 2022 Chapter Meeting Protecting Dark Skies for Humans & Wildlife Register for ZOOM meeting Wednesday, October 5, 2022, our speaker,  Karen McGraw, Ed.D., will talk about how almost every living thing on our planet uses the cycle of light and dark to trigger life processes.   Artificial Light at Night (ALAN) and light pollution interrupts this cycle. This program will help us understand the effects of light pollution on living things, including ourselves, and how we can protect dark skies for humans and wildlife. Participants will take… Read More →

Lights Out: Safer Skies for Migrating Birds

August 3, 2022 Chapter Meeting Lights Out: Safer Skies for Migrating Birds Register for ZOOM meeting Wednesday, August 3, 2022, our speakers, Yvette Stewart and Tania Homayoun, will discuss biological and design factors associated with artificial light at night and bird-building collision. Learn how you can take action in your home and community to make our skies safer for migrating birds. Artificial light at night creates serious challenges to migrating birds, increasing their risk of collision with buildings and glass, a significant cause of death to native birds… Read More →

Affirming Abundance: Mexican American Culture, Abolition, and #LandBack – June Chapter Meeting

June Chapter Meeting – ZOOM ONLY! Register For Zoom Meeting Join us via Zoom on Wednesday, June 1st! Affirming Abundance: Mexican American Culture, Abolition, and #LandBack In this lecture, Ybarra will reflect on the idea of wilderness and environmentalism for Mexican Americans. Ybarra’s new practice of birdwatching precipitates a question. Whereas in her scholarship and teaching she argues that Mexican Americans do not identify with conventional environmentalism or the idea of wilderness, how can she understand her new practice of paying attention to birds? In other words, what… Read More →

Transform Your Yard with Native Plants with Lor Stierlen – Wednesday May 4 Chapter Meeting

How to Transform Your Yard from Invasive Dreariness into an Oasis of Hope At the meeting on Wednesday, May 4, 2022, you will learn how our speaker, Lorelei (Lor) Stierlen, went about replacing a yard full of Bermuda grass with a native pocket prairie. She will be sharing methods, alternatives, hints, tips, lessons learned, and resources.  Schedule: 6:30 Camera Roll and Socializing 7:00 Introduction and Announcements 7:20 Featured Presentation 8:45 Adjournment Join us at Dallas College Brookhaven Campus, Building H, Room 125. Campus map. See Covid protocol, below…. Read More →