We offer educational opportunities for community groups, adults, families, and children. 

The North Texas Master Naturalists are available to enhance your organization’s next meeting or event. We provide high-quality and engaging speakers covering a wide array of nature and environmental topics. If you are seeking vendors to add enrichment to your event, we can provide booths, whether informational or interactive, staffed by highly trained members of the North Texas Master Naturalist community. Available booth topics include pollinators, the Blackland Prairie, mammals, birds, forests, and wetlands. 

A group assembled around a table looking at marine fossils found in Texas.

Learning about marine fossils found in North Texas with Mick Tune. Photo by Alan Lusk


Children on the edge of a pond with small nets to collect samples for a science project.

Kids participating in citizen science at John Bunker Sands Wetland Center. Photo by Shelby Smith

Educational Materials and Resources 

  1. What Kind of Naturalist Are You?
  2. Birding Around Dallas (Spanish and English)
  3. Bird Watching Guide for the Whole Family
  4. Get Outside
  5. Spring Creek Forest Interpretive Trail Guide
  6. Inviting Nature Back Home
  7. Blackland Prairie Field Guide
  8. Twelve Hills Nature Center

Q: Is there a charge to have the Master Naturalists present at an event?
A: Generally, our services are free to the public.

Q: Where can I find out more information about the Texas Master Naturalist Program?
A: The state website is

Q: Are all of the Nature Walks suitable for all ages?
A: Walks will always be designated if they are not suitable for all ages.

Q: What is the geographical territory served by your chapter?
A: We usually serve Dallas, Rockwall, and Kaufman counties.

Q: What topics are Master Naturalists able to cover if we have them staff an informational table at our event?
A: Master Naturalists are trained to present informational Nature Discovery Trunks on the following topics: Mammals, pollinators, the Blackland prairie, forests, birds, and wetlands. Each Discovery Trunk is packed with information, supplies, and educational materials which support the topic being presented. Guests are encouraged to ask questions, touch, and explore the items presented on the tables.

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