Diversity and Inclusion at North Texas Master Naturalist

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As North Texas Master Naturalists, we pledge to “subscribe to the highest standards of integrity and conduct.”  Given the current unsettling events in our country, it is time to be forthcoming and unwavering in our commitment to this pledge within our community.

Nature teaches us that biodiversity ensures the stability, productivity, and progression of an ecosystem and what affects one element in nature will in turn affect the entire ecosystem. At present, we have a diverse community, but we do not presently have a diverse organization. We recognize we must do more to increase diversity, provide equity, and promote inclusion in our North Texas Master Naturalist membership, programming, and activities.

In January, we formed a Diversity and Inclusion Task Force, which was charged with researching, creating, and establishing guiding principles relating to equality, equity, and inclusion. We seek open dialogue and input from all of our members. While we may stumble along the way, we will not let that deter us from the crucial work of moving this chapter toward fully realizing the values implicit in our mission which we hold so dear.

Our pledge to the Black people and people of color in our chapter and in our community is to speak openly about injustices and create a more welcoming, supportive environment for all who want to enjoy and preserve nature. We pledge to critically examine our own complacency and biases in order to effectively make substantial and long-lasting changes. Finally, we pledge that by the end of the summer, the Diversity and Inclusion Task Force will provide actionable, strategic steps in making these vows a reality, all the while remaining fully transparent.

We are committing to all our members and the North Texas community to improve and enhance who we are as an organization. The work required to achieve this will not be easy, nor will it be comfortable. It is a long trail to hike and a tall mountain to climb. However, together with our chapter members, partners, stakeholders, and our community members, we will create and cultivate a diverse and thriving ecosystem.

If you have any questions about this, please email us at contact@ntmn.org

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May awardees – North Texas Master Naturalists Photo Challenge

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Phenomenal photos! These NTMN members made the most of the quarantine in May — congratulations!

The Naturalist-in-Training

  • Jamie Maraman – Reflections and Tadpoles
    • Name : Jamie Maraman
    • Title : Reflections and Tadpoles
    • Description : We love watching all of the small aquatic life scurrying across the water and swimming in the small marsh area near our home! Serena, 3 years old, is fascinated by the tadpoles and likes to move her hands into the water super slow, to not disturb them
    • Location : Garland, TX

The Outdoor Adventurer

  • Carol Garrison – Blanket Flower Fence
    • Name : Carol Garrison
    • Title : Blanket Flower Fence
    • Description : First trip to Cedar Ridge Preserve. It was packed despite the pandemic! We took a vigorous 3 mile hike, and I saw this amazing field of blanket flower along the fence that looked like it was from the 1800s. For a few moments, I felt completely out of sync with the modern world
    • Location : Cedar Ridge Preserve

The Birder

  • Adam Cochran – Harris sparrow
    • Name : Adam Cochran
    • Title : Harris’s Sparrow at dusk
    • Description : images were taken on January 4, 2020 during the 2019 Audubon Christmas Bird Count
    • Location : South Dallas (in the Wilmer area).

The Botanist

  • Linda Donnelly – Roadside Guara
    • Name : Linda Donnelly
    • Title : Roadside Guara
    • Description : Roadside Guara photographed during the NTMN Socially Distant Bioblitz.
    • Location : Cedar Ridge Preserve

  • Carol Garrison – Wetland Dandelion Wishes
    • Name :  Carol Garrison
    • Title : Wetland Dandelion Wishes
    • Description : Dandelion with all of the florets still attached
    • Location : John Bunker Sands Wetland Center

  • BrendaMaston – Wildflower Timelapse
    • Name :  Brenda Maston
    • Title : Wildflower Timelapse
    • Description : Time sequence from April-MayNotice the different wildflowers seasons.As some fade out others take their place.Very interesting how nature continues to give us a bounty of color for each week of spring! Hope that these pics are named with the criteria. Wildflowers are an awesome spring canvas of color, each species following the next according to their timing. I hope these pictures illustrate my timeline of changing species
    • Location : Springcreek Preserve, Garland

The Entomologist

  • Adam Cochran – Cabronid Wasp
    • Name : Adam Cochran
    • Title : Resting
    • Description : Cabronid wasp resting on a Dalea flower
    • Location :
    • Kiest Park conservation area

  • Karen Albracht – Milkweed
    • Name : Karen Albracht
    • Title : A Lot Going On
    • Description : I happened upon this scene while on Monarch caterpillar patrol. Frass, predator, prey, and an onlooker on an Asclepias syriaca (Common Milkweed) leaf. Caterpillar poop is called frass. The things we learn!
    • Location : Tenison Park Pollinator Garden, Dallas, TX

The Forester

  • Jamie Maraman – World Beneath the mushroom cap
    • Name : Jamie Maraman
    • Title : A world beneath the mushroom cap
    • Description : Mushrooms are amazing, and here we have a spider waiting for the flies that will contribute to decomposition, and a snail eating it. Amazing photo!
    • Location : Spring Creek Nature Preserve

The Wetlander

  • Linda Donnelly – Diamond Back Beauty
    • Name : Linda Donnelly
    • Title : Diamondback Beauty
    • Description : Diamondback Water Snake photographed during the NTMN Socially Distant Bioblitz
    • Location : Sunset Bay at White Rock Lake

The Wildlife Biologist

  • Linda Donnelly – Hidden In Plain Sight
    • Name : Linda Donnelly
    • Title : Hidden in Plain Sight
    • Description : Green Anole photographed during the NTMN Socially Distant Bioblitz
    • Location : Home, Dallas

The Dragonflyer, June 2020, Vol. 81

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A Message from our President

In a normal year this issue of the Dragonflyer would address our busiest season, with naturalist events at peak activity.  While this certainly isn’t a normal year and we are far from peak activity, I am so grateful for and proud of the strong work NTMN members are putting in to keep our chapter mission going.

Read Scott’s spring update here.

Miss the Last Chapter Meeting?

Find out what you missed and see the June announcements here. Note: you must be logged into the members section of our website to view the link.

Citizen Science Project: Pollinators

We all know and love Monarch butterflies, but there are thousands more pollinators around. Scientists need to know which plants are most attractive to them. You can help them find out from the comfort of your own backyard! Learn how here!
Photo: Robert Buechel

Class of 2020 Update

Our amazing class was the only one in Texas to complete their coursework during social distancing and stay at home orders! Read about their success here.
Photo: Nancy Wilson

Member Photo Contest

Dazzle us with your photos! The most interesting entries from each of the categories (reflecting the theme What Kind of Naturalist Are You?) will be shared on our Facebook page, chapter newsletter, website, and during our monthly meetings. Winners will have bragging rights to show how they spent the 2020 quarantine. Learn more about the challenge here! Note: you must be signed into the members section of the website to view the link.
Photo: David Gwin

Plan for your TMN Certification for 2020

North Texas Master Naturalists can still make a difference in North Texas despite our current limitations. Learn about what has changed with volunteer hours and advanced training requirements and make sure you’re prepared to receive your certification for this year.
Photo: Judy Parsons

New Member Shout Out

Congrats to one of our newest North Texas Master Naturalists Sophie Voswinckel. Sophie has completed all her class work, 8 hours of advanced training and an impressive 82 volunteer hours! She has made some great contributions to the Forest Trunk that will enhance our outreach efforts for years to come. We wish her well as she begins her next adventure in Estonia.
Photo: David Parrish

City Nature Challenge Highlights

Learn more about this year’s challenge and its success despite the obstacles!
Photo: Connie Koval

Help Wanted

Hoo needs something new to do? Like raptors? Amphibians? Community Outreach? A diverse array of opportunities await your talent! Check out some of them here.
Photo: Dorothy Buechel

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To develop a corps of well-informed volunteers to provide education, outreach and service dedicated to the beneficial management of natural resources and natural wild areas within their communities within the state of Texas.

Diversity and Inclusion at NTMN

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– As North Texas Master Naturalists, we pledge to “subscribe to the highest standards of integrity and conduct.”  Given the current unsettling events in our country, it is time to be forthcoming and unwavering in our commitment to this pledge within our community. Click HERE for more details.