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June 7, 2023 Chapter Meeting

A Beekeeper’s Exploration of Bees and Invasion Ecology Born into a cattle family with a childhood split between the urban life in Dallas and running wild in the Texas Hill Country, Ryan Giesecke grew up and enrolled in  Master Beekeeper training & Master Naturalist training, and then continued his education with an expansive personal exploration of ecological topics. All of these experiences are reflected in this effort to organize his thoughts on human transport of species and associated impacts, to examine conservation efforts and wildlife management through the… Read More →

A Message from our President, March 2023

by Scott Hudson, Class of 2018 Thinking about the March 1st Awards Banquet Have you been to Big Bend Ranch? How about Purtis Creek State Park? Cedar Hill State Park? Our advisor and keynote speaker Sam Kieschnick challenged us to get out and celebrate Texas State Parks’ 100th Anniversary. A special opportunity is slated for North Texas with the late-2023 opening of Palo Pinto Mountains State Park. He shared many ideas on engaging with nature, in and out of state parks, this year. Most afford iNaturalist opportunities, including… Read More →

Protecting Dark Skies for Humans & Wildlife – Meeting 10-5-22

October 5, 2022 Chapter Meeting Protecting Dark Skies for Humans & Wildlife Register for ZOOM meeting Wednesday, October 5, 2022, our speaker,  Karen McGraw, Ed.D., will talk about how almost every living thing on our planet uses the cycle of light and dark to trigger life processes.   Artificial Light at Night (ALAN) and light pollution interrupts this cycle. This program will help us understand the effects of light pollution on living things, including ourselves, and how we can protect dark skies for humans and wildlife. Participants will take… Read More →

Native Plants and their Role within the Municipal Water Reuse Ecosystem

September 7, 2022 Chapter Meeting Native Plants and their Role within the Municipal Water Reuse Ecosystem Register for ZOOM meeting Wednesday, September 7, 2022, our speaker, Carol Garrison will discuss how native plants play a vital role in the East Fork Water Reuse Project. This photograph-intensive presentation will provide an overview of the project including its unique partnership with the John Bunker Sands Wetland Center.  Carol will focus on several native plants with specific attention to their water cleaning properties, value to the local ecosystem, and their possible… Read More →