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March 6, 2024 Chapter Meeting & March 10th Birding Opportunity at TRAC

Discovering the Joy of Birding Spending time in nature is essential for our well-being and we are genetically inclined to prefer nature, having spent thousands of years of evolution before the development of modern cities. Humans have evolved with birds and their songs and seeing birds in nature makes us happy because when they are thriving, we are reassured that we can also thrive.   In north Texas, we are lucky in that we live within a major migration flyway and we have lots of opportunities to see unique… Read More →

November 1, 2023 Chapter Meeting

Join us November 1, 2023 as NTMN member Caleb Hinojos presents a unique perspective of DNA in the laboratory and how it helps to bridge the gaps between classical, modern, and conservation biology. Read More →