Bob Richie


Bob Richie is a Dallas native who raises bees, chickens, rabbits, cats, and dogs. He likes birds, plants, bugs, fish, herps, kayaking, fly fishing, anthropology, archaeology, etc.  An amateur naturalist since an early age, Bob has spent much of his life outdoors. When he is not spending time outdoors, Bob works for an architectural firm in Deep Ellum.  He is also the owner of The Custom Coop Company which designs and builds custom chicken coops in the Dallas area. Bob is a certified Texas Master Naturalist and the past president of The Trinity Valley Beekeepers Association, Dallas’ local honeybee club.

“Edible, Medicinal, and Useful Plants of the Blackland Prairie”

Bob will share his passion for urban foraging.  He’ll start with a quick botany lesson on how to positively identify the plants we will be seeking.  After that, we will search out and try some of the fresh and tasty offerings that grow naturally in our area. We will discuss useful and medicinal plants that can be found in the area as well. We will also sample some preserved foraged foods that Bob has collected throughout the year.


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