Member Spotlight – Russ Olivier, New Class Representative

Name:   Russ Olivier
Hometown:  Slidell, Louisiana
NTMN Class:  Spring 2018
NTMN Position(s):  New Class Representative, New Class Committee, Planning Committee

Fun Fact about yourself:  Serial entrepreneur and real estate junkie

Questions & Answers:

Q.  How did you hear about the TMN program/NTMN chapter?
A.  In the newspaper!  I may be one of the last people in the world who reads a print newspaper every day!

Q.  What made you want to become a NTMN member?
A.  Growing up in South Louisiana, I was always exposed to the beauty of nature and probably took it for granted.  When I moved to Texas 30 years ago, I kind of lost touch with that side of me, and missed out on all the incredible natural beauty that surrounds us in this state.  When I read about the NTMN program, I knew it was the catalyst that would get me back in touch with my love of nature.

Q.  What projects do you want to get involved in once you are a member (or what have you already gotten involved with).
A.  I enjoy gardening, particularly native plants.  I’ve taken the Citizen Forester class, which was great!  I’m also a birder-wannabe.  I did a lot of work at Rogers Wildlife Rehabilitation Center during our class project and have since tried to learn more about birds. I’m just beginning and it’s a huge and fascinating field!  I’ve also enjoyed being the New Class Representative and getting to know how the NTMN organization functions.  I’m amazed at the dedication of a small number of people who keep this group organized and going!

Q.  What do you think is the biggest impact the TMN program provides to the community?
A.  I love the focus on education.  I think our community is hungry for knowledge about our natural surroundings, and our mission of teaching and outreach is right on target!

Q.  What’s your favorite quote?
A.  “The problem with life is you’re halfway through it before you realize it’s a do-it-yourself thing.” – No idea who said it…

Q.  Anything else you want to add?
A.  I love this organization, and continue to be impressed by the great people I meet who want to make a difference!

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