Volunteer of the Quarter – Charlie Tobin

By Jim Folger, Awards Committee Chair

Since graduating from the 2015 Class, Charlie Tobin has been very busy with volunteer work at Dogwood Canyon Audubon Center, Cedar Ridge Preserve, Connemara Meadow Conservancy, Brookhaven College Gardens, and even in helping rewrite our Chapter Operating Handbook. In the 4.5 years he has been a member, he has already logged some 2,400 volunteer hours.

Charlie grew up in Tulsa, Oklahoma. He attended Oklahoma State where he received a BA in Industrial Engineering and met his future wife Carolyn. He moved on to Northwestern in Chicago and received an MBA in 1980. Meanwhile, Carolyn pursued her Master’s in Industrial Engineering at Purdue University. When it came time to find a real job, they decided it would be nice to live in the same place, and Dallas presented that opportunity in the form of a position with Texas Instruments.  After Charlie spent  30+ years with TI, and Carolyn the last 25 years with Bell Helicopter, they both retired in 2012.

Charlie had always enjoyed outdoor activities. After a friend at TI who had joined the Blackland Prairie Chapter of TMN told him about the program, he decided to apply to our chapter and contribute his volunteer capabilities. We have been fortunate to have him as a member.

Here are some comments from three other of our past and present prominent members:

Julie Collins – Executive Director at Dogwood Canyon Audubon Center

“In the first quarter of 2019, Charlie helped with trail work for the new trail at Dogwood. He was a hard worker and did a great job – a lot of brush removal and S&S cut down material.

Previously, Charlie was part of an instrumental team of volunteers who built our bird mews.

He was dedicated, precise, has endless energy, a great attitude, even during the hottest summer months. He’s got construction skills (Charlie told me this was a mild exaggeration) and is always professional and responsible, making him a very valued volunteer.

Rose Mercer – past Vice President 

“I recommend Charlie Tobin for a quarterly award. He quietly manages greatness! In March 2019, one weekend he drove all the way from his home near Medical City to work in the worst miserable weather – freezing rain temperatures rebuilding Virginia Weaver Community Park in Cedar Hill. He dives in quickly to do the hardest work. I admire him greatly.”

Whitney WolfCommunications Director 

“I agree that Charlie is a go-to guy, and I can vouch for Charlie’s help with the Chapter Operating Handbook rewrite in 2015/2016. I also know that he has helped at the Brookhaven gardens and is happy to remove invasives wherever he is needed.”

In short, Charlie continues to add valuable volunteer efforts to our chapter’s activities, and we congratulate him on winning this award.

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